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INV Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Foundry machinery, the company is located in the beautiful West coast of Qingdao, a coastal city in Shandong province Jiaonan city. With the standardization of heavy industrial plants, a variety of large and medium sized metal processing, welding, Assembly equipment, is specialized in shot blasting machine, steel plate pretreatment lines and sand treatment equipment development and production of high-tech enterprises.

Company has years production experience, introduction abroad advanced of production technology, combines both at home and abroad reality, by developed production of products main has: hook type throwing pills machine, and track type throwing pills machine, and roll road type throwing pills machine, and hanging chain type throwing pills machine, throwing pills cleanup machine; resin sand line, and clay sand line, and mixed sand machine, sand processing equipment, spray sand room, and plate pretreatment line, other casting mechanical equipment, part products has reached international advanced level.

Company depending on the quality of life, from the user to God, and always follow is responsible for each process, responsible for each product, for each user is responsible for the quality, dedication to customer ser

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